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These patterns can be historically inspired but are not historically accurate, or they can be pure fun. They are intended for theater, cosplay and general entertainment.

Pattern: Theatrical Horse Saddle Blanket Drape

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Pattern: Theatrical Horse Saddle Blanket Drape

• Great for use in summer parades where you want lots of splash and pagentry without the heat! It’s also very easy to decorate in team colors or embroider a large sponsor logo on. • Designed for use with almost all modern tack. It was tested against Western, English, Aussie Stock and even McClellan and Portuguese bull fighting saddles all without any modification to the girth opening placement! • The length of this drape was chosen for use by horses between the average sizes of a Arabian and Belgian. Even so it can be shortened or lengthened if so desired. • Features facings to ensure maximum beauty and hang even in challenging conditions! This construction choice also helps to minimize flapping that could spook some horses. • The girth welt opening is a strong, reinforced opening that can handle years of heavy wear yet following the directions is flat and smooth to ensure comfort and safety while being worn even for long periods. This is part of the Costume Collection and is a historically inspired piece though not a historically accurate piece. It’s worn under the saddle, but over any saddle padding. The girth comes up through a Girth Opening in the Drape. It’s designed for use with most modern equestrian tack, but it’s advisable to check with your tack prior to construction. It’s easy to modify before beginning. The pattern does feature the use of facings as well as a large welt opening for the girth strap. This durable Saddle Blanket Drape is designed to hang beautifully even during sudden stops and high winds, and with a wide facing underneath it looks great in those same challenging conditions as well. It’s perfect for use during high summer when you want to add a bit of splash to your equestrian kit but don’t want to add heat to the horse. It can decorated in pretty much any way you desire. About the Sample: The stitched out sample shown in these pictures and on the cover of the pattern is made of a burgundy brocade cotton for the main and facing materials, and it is lined in red cotton. The entire thing is trimmed with a green beaded tassel. Order this pattern...

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