Grow Your Love of Sewing with Dravon

I love all the things that can be created with fabric, and I love to teach. Because of this, I’m able to teach a huge range of sewing classes from garment to home dec to quilting, on both a sewing machine and a serger! I’ve broken down the classes into basic types and from those types you can get a variety of details.

Want to take any of my classes? Here’s how:

  1. Check the Events page listing to see if it’s already being offered in the Central California area and call the store to sign up to register and attend.
  2. Talk to your local store or group and see if they’d be interested in having me come in to teach a class as a guest teacher. If the answer is yes, then the store manager can contact me directly to arrange the details.
  3. Contact me directly to schedule the class of your choice in the venue of your choice (private, guild, club, group, etc). Costs depend on what is asked for, how far I need to travel, etc.


Learn the basics of sewing with Dravon

Learn the basics of sewing with Dravon! Either use the blog post tutorials here which are available, or find where the classes are being taught from the Events page. She is even available for group lessons as well as private tutorship. My Sew Start! Beginning Sewing Series is geared for any beginner who knows nothing more than the information taught in my Machine Basics class (in other words, you can use the machine safely). It’s open to all ages and I’ve had students ranging in age from 7 to 70. The hallmark of these classes is that the project outlined can be completed in only a couple of hours and uses just a basic, simple sewing machine. As a skill builder series, I try to keep it diverse enough to be continually interesting but simple enough that everything is completed in the time frame allotted. Check out the Sew Start! Beginning Sewing Series page to view all projects which we’ve done! Do you want me to bring this series to your favorite store? Or perhaps you want a private class featuring any of these? Give me a shout and we’ll find the best way to make it happen.

Ready for the Project Classes? I highly recommend my Sewing 101 lecture class which gives you a ton of fundamentals beyond “how to use your machine”. I guarantee you’ll learn something with this class!


Learn how to make a specific item with DravonWhile the Sew Start! Beginning Sewing Series features easy-to-finish projects, there’s a boat ton of fun and cool projects I’ve taught that take a little bit longer to complete – some are still beginner level and some are more demanding. The following list of project classes all take anywhere from 1 to 5 class sessions to complete and fall into my Sew Do It! Intermediate Sewing Series or my Sew Quilt! Quilting Series.  The same things that applies with the Sew Start! Beginning Sewing Series also apply to the Sew Do It! Intermediate Sewing and the Sew Quilt! Quilting Series — available for private, group or venue specific scheduling. Most project classes are more fun in the Group, Sewing Party or as a new class at a local quilting, sewing, fabric or crafting store as well as guild classes in Central California. Contact me to make it happen!


Working with everything from the tried and true machines to the latest gee-whiz embroidery/sewing machines to sergers, Dravon has a variety of classes. Some of them are all-brand classes (Learn your Serger & Machine Basics) while others are brand specific. Why brand specific? As the machines get more complex, the more difference there is between the brands in how things are accomplished. It’s no fun sitting in a class full of those other brands and feeling neglected! I work very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen in my classes!


Private sewing lessons with Dravon

With private lessons, you control exactly the content of the class. Want to learn something specific? No problem! Want general or foundational information? I can do that too. Going this route, you are open to doing what YOU want and don’t have to worry about any distractions from other people.


Have Dravon attend your quilt/weaver/spinning/sewing guild meeting to share something of interest!Are you a program or event coordinator for your Quilt/Weaver/Spinning/Sewing Guild looking for something different or new? Perhaps you’re a Girl Scout or a Camp Fire Girls or 4H leader who’d like something scheduled for specific to your needs, like merit badge completion.  I’m able to create custom classes depending on the desires of the group. I just need to know what you’d like to accomplish and can create a proposal for you.


Host a Sewing Party for your friends!Tired of the same-old birthday party ideas? Maybe you want to have a party just because but would like an excuse. Try a Sewing Party!! Pick of any of the existing Sew Start! Beginning Sewing Series projects or any of the 1 lesson project class from the Sew Do It! Intermediate Sewing Series or ask for something special created just for you.


At this time, I do not provide any sewing machines for use with classes. This may be a service offered by the store, so check the Event listing details for information. Ideally, I want you to learn everything on your own machine so that you are empowered to create whatever you want, whenever you want. If you do want help finding the right machine for you, feel free to contact me. I help you wade through all the sales pitches to find what you really need.



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