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In April of 2012, I presented a class at the SCA’s Collegium Caid on how make this horse barding. The barding was loaned to me by the then Queen’s Champion and I agreed to make a generic pattern for the piece and share it free of charge with attendees of the class. It’s available on our Yahoo Group download, but I’ve had a lot more experience making patterns since then. In December of 2014, I re-engineered the whole thing and completely re-wrote the instructions.

This is that revised, updated and dramatically improved pattern and instructions for an adjustable, one-size-fits-most set of barding for use in historical re-enactment as well as anything theatrical or requiring any degree of pageantry.

There is a very tiny source section included to illustrate in period examples of this style of equestrian wear in use, with sources ranging from the 1200s up to the 1500s.

If you use this pattern to make your horse some pretty clothes, please send me a picture! I adore seeing where people take things.

This pattern is being offered free of charge in exchange for sharing it with others. Several ways to do that:

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Happy Sewing!

– Dravon


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