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Get the look of hand-done historical embroidery – available to everyone!

As a historical enthusiast who also has an embroidery company, it didn’t take me long to start digitizing patterns based off Renaissance era portraits and then using those for my shirts. While I love the handwork, carpal tunnel issues demanded I find an alternative, and I’m very pleased with the results. Now that I sell the shirt and chemise patterns here, I noticed a lot of people opting for plain collars and cuffs for a myriad of reasons. I figured if I had the designs, why not offer them stitched out for anyone with a discerning eye to use? So here you go! I’m starting with these 4, but I’m more than happy to do anything on a custom basis if you have a specific portrait you are looking at. Just contact me. Also, I can do things besides collars and cuffs! I’m slowly working my way through a Henry VIII doublet, so please feel free to challenge me!

What you’ll get with this set is:

* 4 strips of white 65 linen/35 cotton blend material sized to a minimum of 11″ (different designs scale differently)
* Stitched using the chosen design embroidered in the height you ask for
* By default, I’ll use black 40wt polyester – but red and blue are also perfectly period though not as common.
* They will be UNTRIMMED so you can size them as needed

For the collar, simply sew the two halves together at the back to form the size of the collar that you need. For the cuffs, simply cut away what you don’t need. They are easy to use as you make the garment, and indeed my instructions in the patterns show me using these exact type of collar/cuff faces.

These are also a great add-on to a shirt already finished. All you have to do is fold over the raw edge, then whip stitch it into place.

Will I use different materials? Sure, if I can find them easily. I’m in a small town with a limited supply source readily at hand. I can’t guarantee the materials will match, though.

Can you send me the material you want embroidered? Sure! There’s no change in price, since I priced based on stitch counts and machine wear but left out materials. If you want to send me material, shoot me an email so we can work out the details.

Why polyester thread? Because at the speeds these are stitched out and with the triple backstitch technique I’m using to get the full coverage, cotton thread was breaking or fluffing and it looked terrible for this application. Polyester won out in this case because it looked better and it was easier to work with.

A note about the patterns. The Lady in Green exterior above the base set of embroidery is a pomegranate motif and is as close as I could get to deciphering what the actual portrait contains. It’s not exact. The rest of these I think I got pretty close, but as with all things historical it’s a matter of interpretation – even if it’s right there. That’s why I call these “historically inspired” rather than “historical recreations”. Regardless, they are gorgeous and make almost any garment Court worthy!

Additional information


3", 2.5", 2", 1.5"

Thread Color

Black, Red, Blue


1517 Portrait of a Man, 1531 Lady in Green Exterior, 1531 Lady in Green Interior, 1536 Portrait of Jane Seymour


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