Hello! I’m Dravon and I’ve been sewing for centuries… Just kidding! I’m a little off-beat and that’s ok. Dravon’s World is a fun place to be, where I seek to inspire myself and those around me to be the best, most confident and generally happy versions of yourselves you can be. A friend recently told me “You always made me feel like I could do anything.” That has to be one of the finest things I’ve ever been told, and that pretty much sums up my objectives here:

  • Inspire
  • Improve
  • Empower
  • Entertain
  • Educate

I started this blog in 2003, though at the time it was hardly focused on anything and “blogging” didn’t exist. When WordPress came along, I moved only the overt sewing related posts from their long-time home on LiveJournal to this platform. In that time, I have grown not only as a person but also as a garment constructionist (I’m not a fan of the term sewer – it’s spelled just like sewer. hehe).

Here’s a little bit about me, so you have some context:


My first sewing machine

Mine! Aaaaallll MINE!

Basic Foundations

In my family, crafting of all kinds was normal, expected and encouraged without being pushed. I started hand embroidering at 8, sewing on a machine at 12, got my very own machine at 17 and on it goes. There was never really a need to improve beyond adequate and it also didn’t cross my mind to try. I should include that, after much begging,  I started riding horses at 13.



Dravon in the Roanoke Times July 24, 2002

My beautiful Shire, Dee. More than patient with my antics.

Building on the Foundations

In college, I found the SCA – the Society for Creative Anachronism. Considering I was getting a Medieval and Renaissance History degree, finding a re-enactment group focusing on that same time period was wonderful. Plus, I got to sew my own clothes! And this was the first time I began to think “I can do this better…” In addition, it was in this time frame that the Equestrian branch of the SCA was getting started in my kingdom-at-the-time and I joined a local troop who did not only SCA but also traveled from VA to KY and NC doing Ren Fair gigs.


Foundations Shattered

Carpal tunnel issues ended my hand-embroidering endeavors about a year before I moved to CA in 2003, seeking a new start and new challenges. I lost pretty much everything (and I do mean everything) before, during and after this move — everything except anything related to sewing. Hrm. Telling me something, Universe?


New, Stronger Foundations

mock up 2.0 for the German doublet and pants

Mock-up in craft wool for a German outfit. Pay no attention to the argyle socks.

When I associated with some elements of a German military re-enactment RenFair troop that had very high standards for themselves, that is when I really began to investigate just how to improve seriously. In 2006, I started going to Santa Monica College for their Fashion Design program. Not because I cared about design, but because I wanted the formal education in sewing rather than just the self-taught stuff. I also learned pattern making and tailoring there.

By this point, I began actively using my posts to train myself to see where I could improve, along with a photo journal of mistakes and successes to track my progress. If my mistakes entertained, educated and/or inspired someone in any way, I counted that as an additional win. About this time I discovered machine embroidery, and suddenly this was back on the menu of things I could work with.

In 2011 I started formal pattern making for sale; a few of the results are available for sale here and on Etsy. In 2012, I decided to learn how to Quilt. I have to say, there is no single thing I’ve done which had a greater impact on my overall sewing skill than mastering piecing and the concepts of freemotion stitching. In 2014, I chose to work in a sewing machine store for a variety of reasons:

  • immerse myself in the world of sewing – it’s hard NOT to learn new things then
  • try teaching it formally – another excellent way to learn
  • get my hands on 4 different brands and all different levels of sewing machines without having to buy them all

Someday I’ll get that pleated gown pattern finalized and available…

For these goals, it was a smashing success!  I also learned about the world of conventions, techniques for teaching different learning styles, and that not only is it fun to teach, but I’m pretty good at it. I learned the confidence to stand in front of a bunch of women who have been sewing for longer than my lifespan and to teach them something new — and succeed! What I learned the most about educating others is that it was more letting you know that it was ok to make mistakes and that the machine is your ally.

In addition, I remain a small-time player in the SCA, currently serving as an Equestrian officer for my barony.


Still Striving

This blog, the patterns and everything I do, is all focused on empowering YOU to be the awesome creative soul you are. No matter where you want to take things with your fabric arts, hopefully I can help you along your journey.

Enjoy, and Happpy Sewing!

– Dravon


PS: I have a cat who hung the moon, as far as I’m concerned. lol He’s a MAJOR player these days for me, and whenever I sew he’s totally there. Anytime, day or night. Because of that, I call him my Sewing Room Helper. You’ll see him a lot.

El Jefe.

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