DravonWorks is pleased to offer their sewn garment patterns which currently focus on Renaissance Era of the 15th and 16th centuries. Whether you are looking for something historically accurate or simply historically inspired, we’ve got you covered. We do offer our patterns in different categories, so that you can make sure to get precisely what you need!

The Historical Collection is geared for those who participate in Living History, Renaissance Fairs and other historically based educational activities. It focuses on historically accurate garment reproduction though using modern construction techniques, such as the use of a sewing machine. For those truly dedicated, the patterns can be stitched by hand as well!

The Costume Collection is more for historically inspired Action Theatre and entertainment as well as cosplay and other costumed events. This collection uses modern garment construction techniques to either emulate historical looks or springboards off historical looks to create theatrical interpretations which work well for pageantry and presentation performances.

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